Poppy & Hazelnut’s Happy Tail Ending

dsc_0650Four years ago I was contacted by a woman named Laura who wanted to meet two semi-feral kittens I was fostering.  They were initially shy but had become playful and vocal companions to my cat and me.  (Soon enough mischievous Hazelnut would do things like pulling bottles out of the kitchen cupboard at 1 a.m.!)

dsc_0655When she came to meet them, Laura and I spent two extended sessions sitting in my bathroom as she tried to imagine if a bond would develop if she adopted the kittens.  After much thought Laura decided to adopt the two sisters and her faith was rewarded since Poppy and Hazelnut have become, in her words, “happy campers, goofy and more confident, extremely communicative with me, giving me lots of love and positive attention and are fun every day.”

When she decided to adopt the two sisters Laura wrote, “So, I’m going to do it!  I feel happy and excited and honoured to adopt these two beautiful little felines! “.

After their adoption Poppy showed an interest in children and Hazelnut began to focus on doing surveillance of the perimeter of her new home through the windows and busily trotted back and forth between them, keeping on top of things.  Poppy and Hazelnut’s new beginning with Laura has meant more love for all three of them,  not to mention a fantastic cat tree for sunny naps.

Post written by Katherine Drabek

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Update: Andy still loves Alice!

IMG_1848You may remember back in August 2014, Alice and her brother Andy were brought to VOKRA with their feral mother. These tiny kittens were only about seven weeks old and were very sick. They had severe conjunctivitis and pneumonia but, over time, were nursed back to health by VOKRA’s volunteer Cat Care team. You can read their full story here.

Fast forward and Alice and her loving brother Andy are now scampy one-year-olds! Here Alice and Andy’s former foster mom Dawn catches us up on what these two have been up to.

Last time we checked in with Alice we were struggling to get some answers about her upper respiratory health concerns. Happily it turned out all she needed was to grow up a bit. As she has grown bigger so too have her nasal passages which has given her the room she needs to be able to breath a little more clearly.

The transition seemed to happen over the course of a few months where Alice was becoming more able to clear her nasal passages on her own. When I say on her own, I mean she would still sneeze huge snot-balls onto whatever happens to be in front of her and she still needs her face washed with a warm cloth. But as gross as snot-balls sound, it is a whole lot better than her getting so congested she would need veterinary intervention. So, yay!

Alice and Andy at the windowWe watched her for a few more months and realized that yes, she had grown out of the worst of it. We wanted to make sure the stress of moving wouldn’t cause her any episodes so we put her and Andy in another foster’s care for a month while we were away on holiday. When that went really well and Alice remained healthy we knew it was time to put the two of them up for adoption; a bittersweet moment for us as they had been in our care for 11 months.

Happily Alice and Andy were adopted in August. I always said they would get snapped up by the first people who came to meet them and that’s exactly what happened. When Bonnie and Sebastian came by to meet Alice and Andy they had an appointment to meet two other kittens but I knew they were going to adopt Alice and Andy because as Sebastian was leaving he whispered to Bonnie, “I’m already in love with them.”

Alice will continue to need daily warm cloth face washes and nose wipes but we, and her vets, have every confidence she will lead a long and happy life in her new forever home with her brother Andy close by her side.



James’ Happy Tail Ending

James2We all know pets are part of our families. Sometimes companion animals come to us at just the right time in our lives. Such is the case for recent adopter Mischa and her mother, Frida. “My mom had wanted a kitten for a while but it just wasn’t the right time,” said Mischa, “the universe pulled some strings and brought my mom and James together…again…and again!”

It all started when VOKRA took in and fostered a litter of kittens that were found in the basement of the community centre that Frida volunteers in. One kitten in particular had caught Frida’s eye. The kitten has cerebellar hypoplasia, which causes him to walk with an unsteady gait. “My mom bonded with a little black and white baby and her heart went out to him,” said Mischa, “he was the runt of the litter and had what everyone thought was a bum leg. So everyday my mom cuddled him and carried him around.”

Frida&JamesAfter the kitten was fostered through VOKRA, Frida was able to take him home. They decided to name him James, after Mischa’s father and Frida’s husband. “My dad passed away January 30, 2015 and he was quite frail and wobbly so naturally my mom became attached to this kitten who reminded her of her husband,” explained Mischa, “that’s how he got his name, James…after my dad.”

James has settled right in with his new family and he and Frida are now inseparable. James is quite the curious kitten and when he isn’t playing or poking around, this cuddle bug can be found purring away in Frida’s lap.

“He adjusted quite well since he already knew my mom. He was just sort of back where he was supposed to be,” said Mischa.

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Post written by Kim C.

Phoebe’s Happy Tail Ending

Amy always knew she wanted to adopt a cat but needed to wait until the time in her life was right. After buying a condo in a pet-friendly building, she came to VOKRA looking for a companion and knew she had found her match with Phoebe.

“I’ve lived with other people’s cats but never had my own,” said Amy, “I wanted the company and I’ve always wanted my own cat.” With Phoebe’s shiny black coat and cute white paws, it was love at first sight. Amy knew that, “Phoebe was just puuuuuuuurrfect for me…She has proven to be just what I needed.”

Phoebe was quick to adapt to her new surroundings, exploring her territory in Amy’s condo and following Amy around to investigate every nook and cranny. Amy finds herself spending a little more time at home now since Phoebe’s such great company! Phoebe loves heights and has a favourite spot on top of the cupboards in Amy’s kitchen where she likes to keep watch. Phoebe stays mesmerized by the bathroom sink faucet, and when Amy turns it a little for her she loves to catch the water with her paw.


Phoebe playing her favourite game.

Phoebe is a true girly girl in that she often hangs out in Amy’s purses and shoes, but her favourite game comes when Amy unloads her groceries and she jumps in the cloth bags. Amy has many cute stories of her BFF (best feline friend), “there are SO many other cute things I could mention, but those are some of the regular ones.”

Overall, Phoebe has added a lot of love in Amy’s life. Amy says it best: “She has me smitten!”

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Post written by Kim C.